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Tayga İyi Gıda (Tayga Good Food)

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Tayga İyi Gıda (Tayga Good Food), registered brand of Manahan Gıda Ltd, is dedicated to offering health and food enthusiasts the Turkish Aegean region's outstanding olive oils while adopting the four principles of the Good Food concept: a healthy diet, sustainable production, fair cultivation practices and affordable pricing.

A Turkic word borrowed by many languages, Tayga originally meant a mountain covered by forests. Our base in the Aegean is a secluded village located high in the Bozdaglar Mountain Range southeast of Izmir, with the nearby forests enlivened by birds in the day and  foxes at night.  The slopes are clad with olive trees, while the market towns of Bayındır and Tire quietly spread below on the Plain of Küçük Menderes (the Little Meander).  In the fortunate absence of polluting industries, the region's economy depends on agriculture. Bayındır is renowned for a flower industry made possible by its favourable microclimate. Bayındır also happens to have one of Turkey's highest density of olive trees, and olive oil is pivotal for its people. In this region, the trees, nearly all being of the Memecik variety, have been almost completely organically cultivated, in particular in the higher altitudes, and are harvested by family farmers in the traditional fashion. Memecik, the dominant olive variety of South Aegean, is known for its high antioxidant content, its intense fruitiness and the durability of its oil.

We established Tayga Good Food inspired by our appreciation of the region's natural offer and a commitment to add value to this, to the benefit of locals and consumers alike.  We are spending meticulous effort in applying the best practises from tree to table, reconciling tradition and technology. We pick our olives from groves at around 500 meters of altitude, harvesting early and using the continuous system, quickly press them cold so as to maintain the characteristics of the fruit. The oil is then stored under inert gas in stainless steel tanks and in a temperature-controlled environment, preventing contact with oxygen and sunlight in order to preserve its qualities.

Our awards

2016: 9th Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Competition organized by Zeytindostu, the Turkish association of olive oil producers- Silver

2017: 10th competition of Zeytindostu - Gold, Olive Japan - Silver

2018: Olive Japan- Silver, London IOOC-Silver, EVO IOOC- Silver,  Terraolivo - Prestige Gold

Tayga Good Food will continue to work for the mountains of Izmir to find their deserved place in the olive oil atlas of taste.

Bon appetite

Tayga Good Food's Olive Oil

From where?

South Aegean region of Turkey, selected from village groves in the secluded highlands east of Izmir

From which variety?

Our region’s cherished Memecik olives, renowned for rich fruitiness and high polyphenol content

How is it produced?

Cold extracted in 2-phase continuous system to maintain the fruit’s aroma and healthy components

How is it preserved?

In chrome-steel tanks under inert gas insulated from air, light and heat then bottled to order

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Tayga Good Food

For more information

  • Ağa Hamamı Sk. 1/9 Cihangir Beyoğlu İstanbul
  • Kızılcaova Mh. Kurtuluş Sk. 39/A Bayındır İzmir
  • [email protected]

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