Green Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Litre Tin
Green Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Litre Tin

Green Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Litre Tin

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Green Harvest EVOO is one of the two premium quality series of Tayga. It is a delicious, balanced and healthy extra virgin olive oil awarded in 2020 with a silver medal by EVO International Olive Oil Competition of Italy.

It was extracted from Memecik variety olives from high elevations, harvested early when the fruits were all green.

Reflecting the timing of the harvest and the high standards of production, its free acidity was measured as low as 0.19%. It is a balanced olive oil free of sensory defects, combining aromas of green herbs and green almonds with medium pungency and mild bitterness.

Harvest Period: Late October-Early November 2019

Production and Preservation: Extracted cold (22-25 C) in a few hours after the harvest at a two-phase continuous mill. The equipment is cleaned after each batch. Horizontal centrifuge is directly followed by a short natural decanting period and paper-filtering to remove the sediment. Stored under inert gas in stainless steel tanks and in a temperature-controlled environment, preventing contact with oxygen and sunlight in order to preserve its qualities. Bottled to order.

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