Mid Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 mL Bottle
Mid Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 mL Bottle
Mid Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 mL Bottle
Alaca Hasat Natürel Sızma Zeytinyağı 500 ml Şişe - Tayga İyi Gıda

Mid Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 mL Bottle

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Mid Harvest is one of the two delicious, balanced, healthy and premium quality EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) series of Tayga.

Mid Harvest EVOO is cold extracted from Memecik variety and wild olives harvested at the “veraison” stage of maturity, that is when the fruits had shades of purple en route their maturing process from green to black.

This is our primary product that regularly represents Tayga at the international quality competitions. Mid Harvest’s 2020 awards include:

>EVO IOOC (Italy) Gold Medal

> JOOP (Japan) Gold Medal

>Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition Bronze Medal (olive oil quality) & Silver Medal (Packaging- Art & Illustration)

As for sensory notes, this year’s Mid Harvest is a balanced olive oil with fruitiness, bitterness and pungency scores between 5.0 and 6.5. It has aromas of thyme, green almond and banana leave.

Its polyphenol count has measurements between 320 and 375 mg/kg*, well above the minimum limit of 250 mg/kg designated by the EU for an olive oil to assert health claim. (*Measured for full and filtered tanks.)

Harvest Period: November-Early December 2019

Free acidity: 0.30%

Production and Preservation: Extracted cold (22-25 C) in a few hours after the harvest at a two-phase continuous mill. The equipment is cleaned after each batch. Horizontal centrifuge is directly followed by a short natural decanting period and paper-filtering to remove the sediment. Stored under inert gas in stainless steel tanks and in a temperature-controlled environment, preventing contact with oxygen and sunlight in order to preserve its qualities. Bottled to order.

Please click for chemical analyses: Alaca Hasat Test 1, Alaca Hasat Test 2



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